Girls Who Create

What is it?
What we do

Girls Who Create is a mini agency that provides copy and illustration combined.

We work in print and digital forums, designing imagery and writing copy to create bespoke artwork. Whether you're after invitations with a twist, punchy posters, cool cards, an original art print or portrait, contemporary infographics or ads with an edge, we provide an all-in-one service so you don't have to do a thing. Sent to you print-ready or in the digital format of your choice.

Who are we?

Founders Claire Blackmore and Katie Edmunds met in the basement of a Soho studio during 2016. They fell in friend love. They've been inspiring each other and creating female-focused content ever since. Claire writes, Katie illustrates.

Work with us

Send us a brief and we'll send you a quote—hit the button below. Alternatively email Claire, or check out Katie's site and email her instead. We're equally nice.